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2022 Los Angeles Marathon

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Quincy Cass Associates Marathon Challenge

Dear Athlete,

I applaud your commitment, as you are about to embark on a wonderful journey to cross the finish line of the 37th Annual Los Angeles Marathon.  My name is Mark Minichiello, and I am the newly appointed CEO of Quincy Cass Associates (QCA). As a certified USATF Coach and former Head Coach of the LA Road Runners, the official training Program of the Los Angeles Marathon, I know the difference between going for a run or casual walk and training for a marathon.  Anyone can open the front door and go for a run/walk around their neighborhood, but to run or race walk a marathon you have to have the proper building blocks in place to sustain you for 26.2 miles.  You have to: (1) make a commitment, (2) have a training plan, (3) learn proper form and technique, (4) learn proper nutrition, and (5) believe in your mental toughness.  So why not treat your financial security with the same passion and appropriate building blocks in place?

Quincy Cass Associates is the oldest investment firm in Southern California!  In fact, this year we are celebrating our 100th anniversary!  To mark our centennial as well as my new role leading QCA into our next 100 years, we partnered with the Los Angeles Marathon to present the Quincy Cass Associates Marathon Challenge.

I am personally reaching out to you to introduce our historic firm, what we do and how we can help you with your investment management, retirement planning, and educational planning for your children/grandchildren. We are a boutique firm that prides ourselves on personally knowing our clients by name, their interests and their families including their dogs, cats and even a few donkeys. At QCA, we have made it our mission to ensure that you are more than just a client number! When our clients call the office, they are often surprised when an upper-level executive or even myself the CEO of the company will answer their calls instead of an assistant or even a junior level executive.

A company like Quincy Cass Associates wouldn’t be celebrating 100 years in business if we didn’t personally get to know our clients who have been with us for several generations and treat them like our much loved and respected family members.

With that being said, I just wanted to introduce my firm to you, highlight how we can help you financially, and please know that you will be a valued client and not just a number.


Mark C. Minichiello


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Every Quincy Cass professional is capable of the demands of sophisticated clients for knowledgeable and informed decision-making. We offer investment-related services with a local, hometown philosophy, and attitude toward customer service.

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